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Congratulations and welcome to being a part of UB.  At UB, you are going to have an experience that will help you achieve your goals and live your dreams. Apart from pursuing academics, you will have plenty of opportunity to be part and get to know of different cultures, develop new hobbies and skills, and most of all, enjoy every moment here.  UB has an intake of over 27,000 students each year coming from all over the world. In fact, International students comprise approximately 55% of the Masters Economics Programs. We want to ensure that you have access to all the necessary information at one go. Our department is committed towards making your stay at UB easier and fun. Please see the following categories for more information:

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Student Organizations

UB caters to the need of the students; it has several student organizations which are run by students, for the students. The Graduate Student Association is the main student body under which several Departmental clubs and International clubs work. Visit the Graduate Student Association.

Economic Graduate Student Association (EGSA)

One of the clubs which work with Graduate student Associations is Economics Graduate Student Association. The EGSA as its popularly known is run by the students in the Department of Economics. EGSA is responsible for all the socio-cultural events held in the Department Of Economics. Please see EGSA webpage for more information.

International Clubs:

Apart from Departmental organization there are several international clubs which help students to stay connected with people from their country. You can click on the link provided and find more information on your club. Here are a few links to the International Clubs:

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Campus Life

It is popularly known belief that College days and campus life is the most enjoyable experience of one’s life. UB ensures you enjoy you experience living the campus life to the fullest.  From choosing your majors to helping you pick the right meal plan, to providing on campus housing, UB does it all.



Students may choose to have a fixed meal plans at one of the dining halls or choose to pick and eat the variety of cuisines offered in off-campus dining. More information about Dining halls and meals plans can be found at: Dinning Halls. The off-campus dining have a variety of international cuisines to offer  like Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Indian, Korean  in addition to fast food chains like Burger King and Subway.


Parking and Transportation:

Students in UB enjoy to commuting to school in the easiest and most convenient way possible. There are sidewalks for the ones who enjoy walking, stampede for the one who wish to travel by school bus, ample allotted parking space for the ones who enjoy driving and also the one who enjoy riding their bikes. Parking is available to students at a yearly annual registration fees. For information on parking, rules and regulations log on to: UB Parking .

For those students, who live off south campus and do not have a vehicle, UB has stampedes that run every 5-7 minutes during the semesters.You can get information about the stampede: UB Stampede .

For those students who live in the south or north campus and wish to commute within the campus have shuttles which help you go to one end of the campus to the other. Shuttle schedule and timings can be found at : UB Shuttle .



Students have a range of on campus and off campus housing in and around UB, which is well-located to get school and is surrounded by the shopping malls. Students can opt to live in / around North or South campus. Commuting is easy as there are UB Stampedes that run every 5- 7 minutes between both campuses. To know more about on campus housing please log on to  UB On Campus Housing .

If you may want to live off campus, there are several apartments and town houses which you may want to consider. Please ensure that you know the rules and regulations before signing the lease of the apartment. For information on off-campus housing and choosing your location log on to: UB Off Campus Housing .

Useful Links:

· Buffalo Apartments

· WNY Apartments



The school Stampede takes students to the nearyby mall for and runs every Wednesday and Saturday between 4:00 PM to 9:00PM. For information on the Market mall shuttle and the places it takes you , log on to: Mall Shuttle .

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The Economics Graduate Student Association [EGSA] is responsible for cultivating an atmosphere for the promotion of our academic and social pursuits, promote the general welfare of the graduate economic student body, and promote the scholarly atmosphere of the State University of New York at Buffalo, by working closely with the faculty in our mutual endeavor to make the University a truly great graduate center.

The EGSA website can be found here.

EGSA Events can be found on the following link - Events


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Resources of general Information about Buffalo Area: 

Resources of general Information about textbooks:

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