Masters Academic Forms


Below you'll find all Masters Economics Student Academic Forms as well as the Registrar, Graduate School, and specific forms for International students.

If you have any questions about these forms, please email

Economics Departmental Forms

Independent Research Form for Course Registration - pdf - This form is to be used to apply for Eocnomics Independent Research. Fill out the form, have the professor sponsoring the research sign, and return to the Assistant Director for course registration

Required Course Waiver - pdf - To be used to request a required Masters Economics course be waived. Electives don't require waivers. Must be submitted to the Director of the Masters Programs.

School of Management Course Registration - pdf - To be used to request a force registration into a School of Management course. Must be submitted to the Assistant Director.

Petition approval for non-ECO elective towards the Masters degree - pdf - Please fill out and submit to the Director.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grade Request - pdf - To Request a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade. Please consult individual professors for signature and bring a signed copy to the Assistant Director for filing. Per Graduate School Policies & Procedures, only a certain percentage of coureses towards the degree can be S/U grading.

ECO 597 Internship Course Registration - pdf - For when you are applying for an internship for credit, or require proof for your CPT/OPT. This form must be submitted with the internship offer letter from the company/organization and returned to the Assistant Director. You may also need to submit the Internship Objectcives Statement pdf with your ECO 597 Request form.

Switching between Master's Program - pdf - To go from MA to MS (or MS to MA). The form is signed by the Director of Graduate Studies and then submitted to the Assistant Director who will send it to the Graduate School.

Non-Economics Major Registering into an Economics Course - pdf - This is for students outside of the Economics major wishing to register for a course in the Economics department. Return this form to the mailbox of Jameson Yu in 415 Fronczak Hall. Submssion of form does not guarantee entrance into the course.

Registrar Office

Exception  Registration - pdf - To be used only in exceptional circumstances where a course add or course drop is needed past the standard Student Response Center drop/add periods. Please fill out, sign, and have Instructor sign, and your Academic Advisor sign. Form is submitted Registrar Office. The Registrar makes final decisions on all Exceptional Registration requests.

Reactivation Form - pdf - To be used when a domestic student returns who didn't file a leave of absence before taking a break from studies.

The Graduate School

General Forms for Students in the all the degree programs

The Graduate School policies and procedures also list guidelines for economics students on registration and degree conferral.

Graduation Information and Deadlines

** To receive your degree, our office will need the Application to Candidacy (ATC) the M-Form, and the Certification of Full-Time Student Status if you are taking less than full-time credits. These are found on the Graduate School website. International Students may need the Reduced Course Load form from ISSS, please check with them.

** To walk in the Commencement Graduation Ceremony, be sure to follow all of the instructions on the Commencement website.

Funding Applications

Graduate Opportunity Program: The Graduate Opportunity Program (GOP; formerly GEOP) provides tuition scholarships to students who graduated from certain programs in New York State

Graduate Tuition Scholarship Forms

Financial Aid forms for students

International Students

Find all the Forms for international students - Standard Graduate

Immigration Status - pdf - used for immigration status purposes. Please consult ISSS office and Assistant Director for any question. An Application To Candidacy must be filed in order for the Certification Full Time Status form to be submitted.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)/Optional Practical Training (OPT) for F-1 - Guidelines & Forms - Bring forms to Fronczak 429 for the Assitant to the Graduate Studies to sign.