List of approved classes outside the Economics Department
that can be used as an elective towards an M.A. degree


Below you will find a list of approved electives that can be used towards your M.A. Economics degree. Please note that you are allowed to take up to two [2] classes outside the department towards the M.A. degree. You can decide to take additional outside electives so long as you meet the minimum requiredments of the M.A. program.


In order to register for a class outside the Economics Department:

1. Fill out this form on the Registrar's page: Class Registration Outside Primary Career

2. Have the instructor of the course sign the form.

3. Return the form to the the main office of the department the class is offered by. For example, if it's a Management course, you should turn in the form to 203 Alfiero.


What if a course you're interested in isn't on the list?

If you wish to take a class that is not on this list to use for your degree:

1. Fill out this form: Petition approval for non-ECO elective towards Masters degree

2. Submit it to the Director of the Masters Economics Program for approval.

List of Approved Electives Outside the Economics Department


School of Management   Math Department
School of Law   Political Science Department
Communication Department   Professional Health
Geography Department   Computer Science
School of Architecture   School of Engineering
Statistics Department    


School of Management

List of approved School of Management classes


School of Law


LAW 565

Advanced Finance

Regulations after Crises

  LAW 661 Corporations
LAW 567

State and Local Responses

to Climate Change

  LAW 665 Regional Economic Development
LAW 568

Environmental Law-

Pollution Control

  LAW 674 International Business Environment
LAW 606 Introduction to Health Law   LAW 688 Introduction to Securities Regulations
LAW 607

Technology Management

and E-Business

  LAW 693 Labor Law
LAW 609 Corporate Tax   LAW 696 Intellectual Property-Introduction
LAW 618 Public Health Law   LAW 731

International Trade

and the Environment

LAW 633 State and Local Finance   LAW 770 Economic Development
LAW 641 Insurance Law      


Communication Department


COM 622 Communication Technology and Social Change


Geography Department


GEO 518 Population Geography   GEO 632 Macro Issues in Trade
GEO 519 Transportation   GEO 634 World Cultural Regions and Commercial Problems
GEO 530 Urban Geography   GEO 636 Spatial Problems of Multinational Operations
GEO 531 Introduction to International Trade   GEO 640 The Asian-Pacific Economy
GEO 625 Industrial Geography      




Math Department


MTH 511 Probability Theory   MTH 532 Introduction to Real Variable II
MTH 512 Introduction to Statistical Inference   MTH 537 Introduction to Numerical Analysis I
MTH 517 Survey of Advanced Calculus   MTH 558 Mathematical Finance I
MTH 518 Survey of Partial Differential Equations   MTH 559 Mathematical Finance II
MTH 527 Introduction to Topology   MTH 560 Game Theory
MTH 531 Introduction to Real Variables I   MTH 631 Analysis


Political Science Department


PSC 505 American Politics   PSC 553 Formal Political Theory


School of Professional Health Sciences


SPM 502 Advanced Methodology   SPM 539 Introduction to Health Economics
SPM 507 Introduction to Health Care Orgs.   SPM 540 Epidemiology and Health Policy
SPM 517 Methods of Survey Research   SPM 541 Medical Sociology
SPM 523 Introduction to Program Planning Evaluation   SPM 542 Health Policy in the U.S.
      SPM 612 Development of Research Strategies Designs


Computer Science Department


CSE 503

Computer Science

for Non-Majors I

  CSE 505

Fundamentals of

Programming Languages

CSE 731 Data Mining   CSE 732 Electronic Commerce
CSE 531 Algorithm Analysis and Design      


School of Architecture


PD 502 Real Estate Development   PD 577

Economic Analysis for Consultants,

Policy, and Community

PD 513

Quantitative Methods

for Planning

  PD 579

21st Century Studies:

global Issues and Futures

PD 538 Econ Concepts & Contexts      


School of Engineering


IE 575 Stochastic Methods I   IE 576 Stochastic Methods II

Statistics Department


STA 545 Statistical Data Mining 1
STA 581 Multivariate Data Analysis